Thursday, December 02, 2010


I have concluded that, it's when something amuses me or makes me gape in awe (good or bad is subjective), I write.

Inspired by another, I couldn't resist blogging about the joke that design has become, more often than not. Names must not be taken, the references then can be rather interesting.

The giant lit up signs, of company logos, at the end of Haji Ali facing the sea, made me think - the company in question must think of re-designing their logo. It worked when it came out, but design has undergone radical changes since. And a few weeks later, a fellow designer came shocked to me asking if I had seen the new hoardings. I thought my wish had come true! Well Google has all the answers, there it was. Staring back at me from the gorgeous new iMac screen (it doesn't deserve to be on that beautiful screen) - I was in awe.

Could it be possible? Was it a joke? Were my eyes deceiving me?

Design isn't my job, its my passion. What were they thinking? The company, the designers and everyone who even gave their two bits in the creation of this atrocity. No real logic, it seems the monogram or whatever it can be called, was a letter. Then why the new naming the logo nonsense? Don't they know what they created, oh I'm sorry I forgot, they don't. The font, I'd rather not start. It was all such a bad cocktail. The kind that makes you throw up, have the world's worst hangover and makes you wish you never drink again. The bartender is an idiot.

The ingredients seem to be - a fellow competitor's colours, a home appliance brand turned upside down and twisted, a bad typographer (or none in this case) and a whole lot of day and night blindness. Does the ad campaign even have a real message? Are we fools to buy it?

I just don't understand, and believe me I have tried.

So to win the contest, it should be called - a mistake. 

It is a misnomer, it is not a logo.

How can we forget the Gap re-branding fiasco. At least they had good sense eventually. We have truly learnt nothing. India is shining in bright and bold ways - ways we will never understand. Clap clap!