Saturday, October 02, 2010

Time & Alone

While making the decision to go study overseas, I got a very sound piece of advice - You will learn how to spend quality time with yourself. At that age of rebellion and teenage silliness, I didn't quite understand what it meant and dismissed it as a part of the 'gyaan' I was getting from the adults around me.

Forward to 5 years later - now, I'm still discovering a new dimension to it almost everyday.

I don't know what to do at home. - a statement most people seem to make more often than not. And it surprises me, not in a derogatory way, but a genuine awe of sometimes how emotionally dependent our society makes us, that being with yourself is unheard of - even taboo, if I may say so. 

It starts very young.

Parent - Come out tomorrow for the party.
Son - I'm a little tired and want to be by myself for sometime. So is it ok if I don't go?
Parent - Are you stupid? What will you do home alone? You are coming.

Overseas, we do our daily activities alone - eat, shop, school, chores, even drinks. (movies alone is still creepy to me). And it's not lack of social skills or friends, its just that we like doing these things alone. Its peaceful. Its the most important time and have taught me the most.

Of late too many people around me have been complaining about being 'alone'. Not single, not without family, but alone, by themselves. Ya well reality check we all are. We fill it up with people and things. 

Retrospection. Introspection. Instincts. Eureka moments. I think they all come alive when you spend time with yourself. This isn't some philosophy or gyaan, but just acknowledgement of that fact that too many are scared of spending time with themselves, because they are not sure of what to do with themselves.

What is it I'm trying to wonder the real reason for this fear? Are we unable to draw the line between alone and being lonely?

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Deven Sansare said...

What an awesome observation.

But you are not 'alone' - I totally agree with you :)