Wednesday, October 10, 2012


It's been only three months and two weeks.

They came from across the world. From different time zones. Different countries. Different cities. But they all made it.

It's when I was going over my final guest list, did I realise every single person I love was going to be there. And they were. And they left me with the most beautiful two days of my life.

I wish I had words to thank them for being there. For being there for me, to share this special day with me.

Sometimes you don't even realise how much you mean to people. This made me.

I understood every single relationship I have with my family and friends. Each one of them.

You don't need words. Or a hug. Or even weekly calls. When it's the real kind of love, you just feel it in your bones.

Accepting a new family made me fiercely loyal and protective of those I already loved. Made me appreciate them in a whole new light.

Made me miss them terribly.

Some relationships are undefined. Not because you can't define them but because you don't need to define them. You like them that way. 

While some are so precisely defined, it's almost set in stone. One of those is the one you share with your parents. It's a whole new level of comfortable. Of honesty. Of respect. Of unconditional love. You love them more than you did before. You cherish them more. You need them more than ever before. And you realise they will always be there. No matter what. You feel that everyone in the world might leave your side. But those two awesome souls never will. No matter what. It's such a pure feeling. You feel blessed. Truly blessed. And I feel a little more special cause I have two sets of those to spoil me.

Love comes in all sizes. You come to realise you need all of them. 

It doesn't have a definition. It's not black or white. It is simply grey.

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